About us


Coaching, seminars and training take place in a very intimate atmosphere located in idyllic horse stables in the north of Hamburg. In case of bad weather an indoor riding arena is at our disposal, completely secluded from public view allowing attention to be focused on personal goals and the progress of the seminar.


I work mainly with my own horses, some of which I have known since 1987. Only horses which are healthy, even-tempered and of strong character are employed. My expertise in horsemanship includes various German Qualifications (Sachkundennachweis I + II für Pferdehalter, Berittführer, Trainerassistent, Longierabzeichen, Gelassenheitsprüfungen etc.) The schedule of the training sessions insures a humane and proper work load for the horses. 


I have acquired substantial skills and training methods through a wide range of qualifications and seminars. I have comprehensively reflected upon work and life experiences in more than 20 years experience in management and leadership positions. I am a certified Trainer for Academic and Business Apprenticeships. Since 1991 I have been a freelance teacher with more than 20 years management experience in banking, trade and international projects. My work experience from 1984 onwards completes my professional profile and so the transfer of the acquired knowledge into day-to-day life is ensured.


As a matter of course I operate within the given guidelines for adult education as well as the ethical principles regarding animal welfare and horsemanship. You will receive intense training of a very high standard as the number of participants for leadership training is limited to 3–6 people. A trainer to participant ratio of maximum 1:6 is guaranteed. I am willing to voluntarily undergo systematic examination through evaluation.

The most important aspects for me

You and your objectives are always the central focus to me.  What counts most is learning through experiences and doing, and the tenors and practical uses that have been gained, through individual coaching sessions. The horses will give valuable impulses and will accompany you as part of your very own unique way.

» Vita          All bipeds willing to advance their personal development are welcome!