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We are a small, dedicated personal Institute for horse-assisted training and coaching on the northern boundaries of Hamburg. The facilities are idyllic. We are surrounded by stunning nature. We provide business coaching, leadership training and seminars. Five very different horses, as varied as life itself, are exclusively at your service as personal trainers.

“Horses are ideal training partners for people. They respond in a direct way to our behaviour and actions – authentic, honest and open-minded.“ Beate Gröchenig, founder of coaching by horses

Especially in matters of leadership, communication and team-spirit, you will be able to learn from our four-legged professionals in an open and appreciative atmosphere. The facilities are exclusively reserved for you and/or your team. The focus is entirely on you and your objectives.

“There is no better investment than in your personal development.” Hans-Werner Hemp

NDR 10.06.12

Andreas S., 43 J.

...I was especially impressed by the practical exercises with the horses, in which I realised my strong points but also my potential for improvements as regards leadership...more ►










coaching by horses

Beate Gröchenig
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