“The coaching has made a strong and lasting impression on me. I was especially impressed by the practical exercises with the horses, in which I realised my strong points but also my potential for improvements as regards leadership. With the additional knowledge gained from the theoretical part I can understand the executive decisions I made in an even better way. I can highly recommend this course to managers and employers alike. Thank you for the unique experience!” Andreas S., 43, Manager, Hamburg, May 2011

A unique educational day! Your horses are perfectly suited for this kind of work. You are very aware of everything and fully in control, which is passed on to the participant and leads to an awareness of how situations might develop. Stefan P., 42, Manager, Berlin, September 2010

“Up to now, I always thought that because of my professional surrounding I was used to questioning my own actions. I had analysed my skills and weaknesses as a leader over and over again. With the coaching I have gained a very unique and inspiring new way of self-observation. I am shown a mirror by the horse. Suddenly there is me, pure and simple, free from human assumptions and I am completely reduced to the real person I am. This was a new experience to me. And it was great to experience how full of strength and harmony and with how much fun and closeness I can lead. I hope I can transfer this knowledge into my professional working life, because then I will lead in the way I always wanted to lead.” Sarah H., 39, Head of Department, Lüneburg, May 2011

You allow everybody enough time and space to try out things and work together to set goals. You are very good at evaluating the participants and always know what you can expect from them. All in all, I had lots of fun learning through experiencing. 39, Executive Manager, Cologne, April 2010

“The seminar was very impressive, as it was for me the first time to be in such close proximity to a horse and without any fear. It was very revealing, since the ‘coach’ – horse mirrored very openly my behaviour as a leader. I gained completely new insights and impulses for my future leadership behaviour. I can definitely recommend the seminar, because the skills of the coach Beate Gröchenig are combined in a very pleasant and authentic way with the horsemanship of Beate Gröchenig” Susanne D., 44, Manager, Hanover, June 2011

I met my coaches Beate and Amor around 2006. The thing is, Beate is a young woman but Amor is a giant medieval looking draft horse...and I'm afraid of horses. About 25 years ago one of them threw me to the ground while we were running together at about 25 miles per hour. I think a bee had flown into his nose or maybe he heard voices telling him to "run! run! Here comes the wolf!" who knows. So for many years I thought, "Why do I need to hang around these goddam beasts." But I let Beate get me next to some of the beasts. Well, I’m watching things pretty close and I start to see that Beate really loves these animals, and they love her right back. More than just that, I can see that Beate loves these moments when connections between beast and man are made. I think she likes others to feel the magic that she feels. After a few visits to the stable and then hanging out with Beate and the beasts out in the field, I came to be comfortable with Amor. Then a lot more than comfortable. He’s an old soul, full of wisdom. Now I like to brush him down and talk with him. I understand him. We’re a lot alike. We just want love and respect. And affection. And high quality oats. Tom Mladic, Chicago, July 2011