Trainer horse

“Contrary to human behaviour, horses do not reject us because of how we feel. Neither do they evaluate us. It is our attempt to hide our true emotions which drives them insane.” Linda Kohanov

It is the nature of the horse to look for leadership. Your training partner is therefore an indicator of your leadership qualities and behaviour. They follow a human being only when he or she shows composure, clarity, authenticity and natural authority, in short when somebody shows leadership.

Because of their inherent honesty horses are the ideal trainer. They mirror naturally the inner mind-set, the outer composure as well as the intuitive qualities needed for successful leadership, negotiating skills and decision-making. Through mental and practical exercises with horses, unconscious inner obstacles are removed and the process of increased self-awareness is initiated. “It was an awesome experience!“ Tom, coachee in 2010

Our five horses live as a team mostly in open space stables. Neither have they been trained to perform circus skills nor have they been involved in competitive equestrian sports. They are open for new things and for every new participant, curious and willing to work together, at the same time sensitive, cautious and reserved. They expect deference, respect and appreciation. They react to motivation, praise and trust. Our horses take away the fear of the unknown and give in return reassurances to humans, in other words they will start the process exactly where it is needed.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.“ Winston Churchill